lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

The Deal: Concept Art & Stuff

Hey Moonheads!, 
its finally here, our very own first kickstarter! you can now own THE DEALGOD'S END and a ton of more stuff in the 100 page plus Graphic Novel, MOONHEAD PRESS, VOL. 1 featuring a new story exclusive to this campaign! Check it out at the link below:

We hope you can help us out by spreading the word!

Thank you! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming...

Daniel and I are very happy and grateful for the amazing response that you guys are having with "The Deal", we will be uploading more stories very, very soon, in the meantime I wanted to share some of Daniel's amazing concept art:

Batman (with original costume purple gloves)

The Joker

The End

Rough sketches of the pages (some things changed).

Finally, I wanted to share something but I suck at drawing, So... my here's me with my Mom-made Batman costume (age 4).

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Thank you for all the comments!

15 comentarios:

  1. cherry preciado jajaja que buena foto!
    felicidades de nuevo a los dos ambos ustedes par

  2. Are you going to be selling prints? I'd love to buy scroll print of The Deal: Batman

  3. Fabulous job! Congrat's!
    Hey! Can i translate to portuguese?

    1. That would be great, we only ask that you put a link back to the original post. Thanks!!!! GP

  4. La primera imagen y la ultima son muy parecidas, como que el Bayliss uso la foto como referencia,,,

  5. Guys, amazing work! I'd like to request permission to repost over at a site I run called Check it out, and if you're down let me know in a reply. Again, great work folks!

  6. Les hice una versión PDF por si quisieran distribuirlo así:

  7. Inspiring... Outstanding work! Writing and Artwork.

  8. tengo un crush con ésa foto de 4 años y el disfraz de batman!!! hahaha! :3

  9. " There's always a quality of spontaneity that's attached to concept art and preparatory work - one that encapsulates or embodies the notion of a visual narrative better." Susan Opperman

  10. Excelente trabajo, soy un fan de batman desde que tengo memoria, sigan así que llegaran lejos
    saludos desde Perú