miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Wolf Wolf

we made this one a while ago, we were inspired by the 'Prophet' and 'Glory' by Image Comics, since these comics took the Rob Liefeld characters from the 90s and reinvented them, we figured it would be cool to take the 'Bloodwulf' character and turn it into something else, as we developed the story it turned out completly different from that idea, but I still conviced Daniel to make an alternative cover with Bloddwulf as the title to send it to Rob Liefeld but we never heard back from him. Anyways, we hope you're ready 'cause this one is our most ambitious yet! - Gerardo

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5 comentarios:

  1. This is pretty awesome. Cant wait to see more.

  2. Even though there are some grammatical errors in the strip, this is REALLY well done!

  3. You're work is amazing, but I can't let go of
    The first this thing I noticed on the left middle block, is you can see the neck vertebrae on one side, but the head is hanging like it has a neck on the other, it should be hanging completely downwards, then after more observation I saw...
    the dude two right sides? The piece on the left is supposed to be the left side, but judging by the position and the hidden thumb the hand is clearly a right hand, the ribcage also indicates this is a right side. Funny stuff.