miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Daredevil: The Man Without Fashion Sense!

Hey Moonheads!, 
its finally here, our very own first kickstarter! you can now own THE DEALGOD'S END and a ton of more stuff in the 100 page plus Graphic Novel, MOONHEAD PRESS, VOL. 1 featuring a new story exclusive to this campaign! Check it out at the link below:


We hope you can help us out by spreading the word!

Thank you! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming...

Hey, here is a little 3 page homage to one of our favorite superheroes, we hope you enjoy it! - Gerardo

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6 comentarios:

  1. se ve bien, mejor que ben affleck ajaja

  2. Awesome. You rule, guys!

    P.S.: Written, with double t. .P

  3. Awesome story, guys! Makes me wonder how and when he was made aware that the colors weren't quite what he thought they were yet haha.

    I found out about your blog by a friend who showed me The Deal and loved it. You guys are great storytellers with some awesome art. Your "fanfic" stuff like this is really great- its nice to see your take on the popular characters instead of an attempt to imitate what they are already about. Not only that, but your original stories are awesome as well.

    I'm not about to spam all of your comments with a plug for my own comic blog, but if you're interested, please check mine out. I just got it started, and its very similar in concept to your own. Keep it up, and good luck with these stories and I hope to read your graphic novel soon!